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Thursday, 2-Oct-2008 13:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
salam aidilfitri !

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selamat hari raya,
Maaf zahir & batin

shahril ramzi

Monday, 11-Aug-2008 10:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Morpeth 49 on fire!

case : Fire in the house

date : 10082008

location : room 8, 49 Morpeth road nsw

time : just before bbq in Jesmond park (our house has been barbequed first!)

casualties : none

special thanks to everyone who came to visit us that day..

Friday, 8-Aug-2008 08:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gosford - urban planning studies


shots during site study in Gosford..the so called 'amphitheatre city' in its vision
2025..nice..can come again..maybe on 2025? hehe..

thx for visiting..


Friday, 25-Jul-2008 09:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark


my fotopages sudah berhabuk sbb lama tk update..hehe..these are some photos during my journey back to newcastle from kl..welcome everyone! anyone in sydney?


Wednesday, 18-Jun-2008 04:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
it's been a while..

Finally, the bomb dropped. Malaysians & Indians (yes, those people living in India ) got the fuel price slap from the government who claimed they could not sustain the subsidy anymore. Sooner or later, the price of fuel will definitely continue to increase. Only time will tell. It would be sooner, rather than later looking at the slow economic growth rate we "achieved" so far under the leadership of P. L the Dreamer.
What's in it for us? Nothing...Change your lifestyle! That is what the Leaders said.
They should first send the rhetoric message to the Ministers & their wives especially Mrs I. M who loves shopping like madness abroad!
Nonetheless, I do not disagree with the wind of "Change". Other than changing the leaders of our country, surely we can try to adapt with these little changes that will certainly help to improve our personal financial position :
1) Cut eating out. The real price you pay is always 15% higher due to government & service tax. Cook fresh food at home instead. Good for your health, less ajinomoto, cleaner and tastier!
2) Buy in Bulk. Start hunting at Pasar Besar Klang, Pasar Borong KL, Maidin etc. Have a big freezer at home so you can stock up the frozen item; as well as dry store to keep the rest. This way you stop going to the shops too often, thus reducing the fuel usage.
3) Bring packed lunch to office or outing. It's not difficult, trust me. Laziness is not an excuse. Nowadays lunch in Klang Valley can cost you average of RM7/day x 20 days = RM140. This does not include special treat like eating in fast food restaurants or high class restaurants, which can easily hurt your wallet.
4) Stop spending too much on Coffee Bean or Star Buck. Once in a while is fine, but if you earn peanut, do not spend like Mr Trump! Learn how to DIY at home. It is easy peasy. Come to my house, I will make 3 Frappucino for you...FoC!
5) Go outing to free, fresh, green areas like picnic at the waterfall or lake gardens, balik kampung or just laze around at your house garden, if you have one.
6) Spend more time with family on recreational or sport activities eg jogging, playing tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming. This won't cost you much RM. In fact, you are contributing to the environment positively by reducing the carbon output. At the same time, your health condition improves.
7) Allocate time for spiritual well being. This means, bring your family to the masjid at least once a week or other religious events eg usrah, motivational camp, ESQ training etc. You will enrich your life with more barakah from God.
8 ) Force saving is compulsory. The first thing you must do when you get your pay cheque is to reserve some fund for yourself / family for the following purpose - childrens' education, personal saving for rainy days so you won't beg for help from others, hajj saving, takaful etc etc. RM10/month on consistent basis is better than nothing.
9) Take Islamic loans for housing, car, other personal loan. This is to shield yourself from Riba's and Hell, plus it helps to improve your personal cashflow because the rate is fixed during aqad. With fixed cost, you can focus on increasing your income and have a peace of mind from interest volatility.
10) Change the corrupt leaders, because these leaders create so much disaster to the nation. My fellow friend in Qatar is paying 77 malaysian cent/ltr for fuel because Qatar is one of the biggest gas producer in the world. Malaysia too is one of the biggest oil & gas producer in Asia Pacific region, so why are we paying RM2.70/ltr, plus bloody highway tols, 15% service & government tax on top of our little peanut pay cheque

Easy peasy right, we can make a difference in our life...

Entry bergambar, selapas ini..

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